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marketing & design
Emily Dix is in charge of all of Bygone Theatre's marketing and the majority of their graphic design. She has worked as the PR Manager for the Social Capital Theatre and does freelance web design.

Freelance arts worker, photographer

marketing highlights

"Promotional materials for the musical “Kill Sister, Kill!” are top-notch grindhouse pastiche."

— Erik Piepenburg, New York Times


Toronto Independent Theatre Coalition



Toronto Independent Theatre Coalition: Company Site, Theatre Coalition: Full Design & Maintenance, 2019

Emily Dix: Personal Website/Portfolio: Re-Design & Maintenance, 2019
Dominik Loncar: Personal Website/Portfolio: Full Design & Maintenance, 2019
Crux Encounter Productions: Company Site, Theatre Company: Full Design, 2018

People Walking By: Company Site, Band: Full Design, 2018

Bygone Theatre: Company Site, Theatre Company: Re-Design & Maintenance, 2018

Starfield Indie: Company Site, Film Production: Design & Maintenance, 2017

Bygone Theatre: Company Site, Theatre Company: Re-Design & Maintenance, 2016

Kenton Blythe: Personal Website/Actor Portfolio: Full Design & Maintenance, 2015

Kill Sister, Kill! A Musical: Company Site, Theatre Production: Full Design, 2015

Theatre 20: Company Site, Theatre Company: Full Design, 2015

Bygone Theatre: Company Site: Full Design & Maintenance, 2012



Stage Door Toronto: Company Site, Theatre Newspaper: Design & Maintenance, 2019

Tarragon Theatre: Company Site, Theatre Company: Updates & Maintenance, 2016-17

Bygone Theatre Blog: Company Blog: Design & Maintenance, 2014

Till Next We Trod The Boards: Personal Blog: Design & Maintenance, 2014

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