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The Rear Window

Bygone Theatre, 2019

Written and directed by Emily Dix.


"intriguing use of sound to depict Jeff’s mental and internal anguish...(an) engaging and unexpected take on a story many of us thought we knew"- Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

"a tense look into solitude and desperation...What really drives THE REAR WINDOW is its strong script and solid delivery, with (Tristan) Claxton shining most as the dark, miserable Jeff...a strong thriller that takes cues from the best of the genre - and still finds ways to implant little twists and turns to keep it fresh"- Isabella Perrone, Broadway World, Toronto


Winner of four 2019 Broadway World Toronto Awards, including;

Best Direction of an Equity Play (Emily Dix)

Nominated for eleven 2019 Broadway World Toronto Awards, including;

Best Play (Equity); Best Independent Production; Best Original Set Design (Emily Dix); Best Original Costume Design (Emily Dix).

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